According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the average South African has a heart age eight years older than the real age

Are you walking around with a heart that's ageing faster than your body?

Dear Reader,

Why should you care if your heart is ageing faster than your body?

Should you really care if you’re 55 and your heart is 63 years old?

Unfortunately yes!

You see, the age of your heart is responsible for a lot of health risks. If your heart is older than your chronological age, you could be at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

But fear not, your heart isn’t doomed to early retirement. Because the one fat your body doesn’t produce could help turn back the clock of your ageing heart. 

It’s a simple, yet long exploited, secret the Japanese have been using for thousands of years.
It works, and is why the World Health Organisation (WHO) heralded Japan as the country that enjoys the best health and greatest life longevity in the world! 

But what’s the mystical secret causing the Japanese to live longer than the rest of the world?

Is it that they eat 200 fewer calories than the average American, which has the highest calorie intake in the world!

Not quite…     
Could it be that the Japanese exercise more?

Not exactly…

Japan may have a reputation for being slim, but they have a laziness rate of 60.2%, reveals Huffington Post.
This ranks them at the 11th laziest country in the entire world!

So does this mean they live less stressful lives?

Nope, not that either. In fact, Japan rank in the top three most stressed consumers in the world.

So what is it that keeps the Japanese people alive longer?

Well, it’s their healthy diet of eating more fatty fish!

So I guess the secret’s out now… But it can’t be that simple… Can it?

Well let me show you why it is…

  Yes! I want a younger heart

Your own body’s protection mechanism IS
the reason you are ageing so fast

You know that puffy redness you often get around a scab or cut, or even the fever you pick up when you have the flu… That’s inflammation.

It’s your body’s natural response to stress. It also fights off foreign viruses and helps heal injuries with the help of white blood cells.

But chronic inflammation build up is outright dangerous for your health. In fact, it’s this build up in your heart, brain, and joints that’s responsible for heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, and even some cancers.

But not only is it responsible for chronic diseases that can slice years off your life, it literally speeds up the rate at which you age!

It destroys cells (that make up the building blocks for your whole body) and connective tissues.  These tissues are your bones, cartilage and the walls of blood vessels.

 This is what robs you of years of your life.

The Japanese, however, have shown you can defy ageing with mother-nature’s proven inflammation fighter.

Banish your body’s worst enemy and live longer

So what exactly is the “FAT” that can literally burn inflammation out of your body and keep you FEELING younger on the inside and LOOKING younger on the outside?

It’s Omega 3.

And numerous studies, some from Harvard, have proven the power of this underrated nutrient.

This because, with it, you too can banish inflammation which means you’ll have:
Use the right supplementation of Omega 3s and you could guarantee you add 10, 20, even 30 years to your life.

Let me show you how...

Omega 3 will keep your heart younger

Your body has two types of cholesterol: Low density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol, and high density lipoproteins (HDL) good cholesterol.

Had a heart attack already?

A study of over ten thousand people published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology proved Omega 3 showed a dramatic improvement in people’s heart health. So it’s never too late to start!

LDL is plaque that forms clots in your blood’s arteries, while good cholesterol and Omega 3 rids your arteries of this.

But there’s one thing that even HDL, can’t remove from blood clots…

Your youthfulness’ worst enemy…Inflammation!

But Omega 3 fights inflammation and significantly reduces:

Unhealthy fats in your blood,which increases your risk of heart disease.

The risk of abnormal heartbeats,which leads to sudden death, and High blood pressure.

Now you too can live out more years, and healthier ones just like the Japanese have been. Take back your youth today.

  Yes! I want a younger heart

Omega 3 puts your Alzheimer’s fears to rest

Psychiatrists from Oxford University say serious mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, can reduce life expectancy by ten years!

But because Alzheimer’s is an inflammatory disease, with the help of Omega 3, you can gain the upper hand and take back those ten years that belong to you!

This because scientists at UCLA's Brain Research Institute and Brain Injury Research Center have analysed 160 studies to prove Omega 3improves your memory and ability to learn and and helps fight against Alzheimer’s.

And a study from Columbia University Medical Centre published in the journal of Neurology confirms this.

But there’s still one more thing I bet you did today, or are bound to do this week, that silently ages you before your time.

  Yes! I want a younger heart

Purge stress and reverse the signs of ageing at a cellular level!

Other anti-ageing qualities of Omega 3

Firms up your skin: Livestrong reveals that Omega 3s support your skin health. It helps reduce your body's natural chemical inflammatory response- involved in the ageing process. Making your skin look and feel healthier.

Assists free joint movement:  University of Maryland Medical Center proved that Omega 3s improve your joint mobility and also provides relief from, as well as reduces your risk of getting arthritis. 

Fights Macular Degeneration: Omega 3 makes up 60% of your eye’s retina. Maintaining this level is essential for your eyes. Research from the University of Maryland Medical Center shows people who supplement with Omega 3s are 60% less likely to develop AMD than people who don’t.

No one sees it, but stress constantly builds up from the hectic daily routines we go through. It causes inflammation build up and this weakens your immune system.

It’s no wonder you keep getting sick.

But even more devastating, both sickness and stress are literally making you age faster, letting precious years slip through your fingers like grains of sand.

But Omega 3 prevents surges in your stress hormones and reduces inflammation caused by stress.

And in case you didn’t already know, stress is what’s also behind those dreaded wrinkles, lines and brown spots you get as you age.

Now you know, like me, why every expensive cream and skin-care product on the market you’ve tried was a waste of time and money.

I know this because you don’t just dream of living longer, but desire to look and feel younger too.

You want to shock the people around you who just won’t be able to figure out why you don’t show any signs of ageing…

What they don’t know is that this is because ageing is a war best fought and won on a cellular level.

And you’ll know your best weapon is Omega 3!

Here’s how it works…

Telomeres are the end bits of chromosomes that contain the necessary bit of DNA that your body needs to make more chromosomes.

Inflammation, exposure to certain chemicals and environmental stressors shorten these telomeres (losing vital DNA). And this is what ages you.

But new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals Omega 3’s anti-inflammatory properties slow down telomeres shortening.

And you know what that means, right…? You get to slam the brakes on the ageing process!

  Yes! I want a younger heart

Your body does not produce Omega 3 naturally.
And that’s why I’m here

Omega 3: Your “Big-Gun-All-In-One” fighter against all 
inflammatory disease


  • Heart disease. Omega 3s thin the blood and stop clots from forming. It also increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Alzheimer's. Reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and also improve your memory and focus.
  • Depression. Studies found that Omega 3 supplements boost the treatment of major depression.

  • Diabetes. Fights inflammation that leads to diabetes and stops it at the root.

With all these health benefits for your heart, brain and skin, it’s unfortunate that our bodies don’t produce Omega 3s on its own.

Yet it needs it on a regular basis for optimum health.

You see, your body uses EPA and DHA (omega 3 fats) for a host of bodily functions.

Now you can take ALA (from plant and nut oil) and your body will convert it into omega 3, but this process is so complex that some of it is lost and used for energy.

This is why it’s best to supplement with ready-made EPA and DHA (omega 3) from fatty fish or fish oil supplements.

FSP Nutritionals Omega 3 comes directly from marine life and not plant.

And with all these life-threatening diseases out the way, Omega 3 guarantees to help you stretch out those years!

But not all Omega 3s are equal. So don’t fall for just anything.

  Yes! I want a younger heart

Not just any will do! There’s a major problem with most Omega 3 supplements

When it comes to quality and all the benefits promised, not all Omega 3 supplements can guarantee these life-saving benefits.

Most off-the-shelf Omega 3 supplements don’t contain the recommended dose of Omega 3.

Not only that, some come in a chemical form that your body cannot digest and use. This chemical is PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl) and is known to cause cancer.

Here at FSP, we assure you that our products meet the standards demanded by our customers and offer to give only the very best and most natural of ingredients.

Why You Can Trust FSP Nutritionals

Omega 3 has become the buzz supplement for people wanting to fight heart and brain disease, improve mood and increase lifespan.

It’s even the first supplement to receive the Cancer Association in South Africa’s Seal of Recognition.

FSP Nutritionals has served tens of thousands of happy customers.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been dedicated to bringing you the best health products, with a range of our own. These include: Argi-Vive Plus, Ultimate Prostate Defence and Ultimate Jointflex among others.

Customers from around the world have come to rely on our natural solutions for joint pain, erectile dysfunction and weight loss.  Here’s what some of our satisfied customers had to say… 

Our Products Change Lives

“I am thankful to say that the great improvement in my health after five months was really worth my while, but I still expect things to become even better. Therefore my repeat order for another 6 bottles, more than a month in advance, to make sure I don’t run short during the holidays. Hopefully we can continue our business for many years because a company that honours its promise is a company to be trusted and supported.” -JJ SWART, Cape Town (Ultimate Prostate Defence)

“I tried Ultimate JointFlex for my bad hip. It had hurt seriously for over 6 months, and nothing worked, not even steroid shots. After the first two weeks on Ultimate JointFlex, my discomfort was greatly reduced, and after three weeks, it’s completely gone! Thanks again.” – Perry Cimino (Ultimate Jointflex)

“After reading the article I felt so strongly persuaded to try the formula. I did not waste time to place my order which I received within 10 days. Because of the experience I had, before knowing about this formula, I wanted to surprise my wife and my erection was very strong, something which due to ageing I lost. I used to have this experience at my 20’s, 30’s and partially in my 40’s. In my 50’s I started to experience loss of libido. I am currently enjoying sex like back in my 20’s and 30’s.”-M.S Khosa (Argi-Vive)

FSP Nutritionals Omega 3, the one you can rely on… Or your money back!

 With our Omega 3 supplement we promise that you’ll get:

Now imagine:

One pill can do all this for you and I’m still willing to give you a great deal on it…

  Yes! I want a younger heart

Start living longer with our special offer

So here’s my best offer…
No gimmicks, no stress and certainly nothing to lose.
I am confident that FSP Nutritionals Omega 3 will make a difference in your every day and long-term health that I’m willing to propose this…

That's right.
And I want to be upfront with you. This is a special price that I’m offering exclusively to readers like you... And there’s no way I can keep the price this low forever. 
I’d like you to feel completely comfortable placing your order right now. And maybe you’re still wondering if FSP Nutritionals Omega 3 can really work for you. 
I don’t blame you one bit if you are.  
After all, it’s easy for me to get excited about it. I know how many hundreds of man-hours of research went into uncovering the science behind how it works… 
Happily, with FSP Nutritionals Omega 3, you don’t have to worry. 
In fact, you don’t even have to decide if it’ll really work for you right now. Because...
 You can try FSP Nutritionals Omega 3 for the next 60 days and if you don’t feel satisfied for any reason at all, just return the all the bottles (used and unused) during this time for a full money back guarantee. Including shipping.

Make an investment in your life by protecting your body’s vital organs from inflammation. Start taking FSP Nutritionals Omega 3 today to start feeling the radical difference in under a month, not to mention its life-extending benefits.
Take your life back and become a better you starting today.
Kind Regards,

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher, FSPNutritionals
PS. Don’t let your low-fat obsession stop you from losing weight. A study shows those taking Omega 3 fatty acids burned fat at a 26% higher rate than those who did not. You may have just unlocked the secret to faster, more natural and effective weight loss too.

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